LK Motors’ mechanical staff prides themselves on being the best they can be, thanks in part to a management team dedicated to ensuring the mechanics receive all of the ongoing training they require.  That said courses include everything from injector technology to Direct Injection, Security Functionality, MoTeC, Haltech, HP Tuners and other tuning, Workshop Control, along with a host of product seminars. The alternative is to not keep up with the times in an industry that is moving in line with the radically advancing electronics industry. Of course, not keeping up would mean we could only work on pre mid-2000 model vehicles; unacceptable given how we offer Log Book servicing on all new vehicles.

Log book servicing on the latest hi-tech vehicles is only possible if a workshop is equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment, and with staff trained to efficiently and effectively utilize the equipment. To this end, LK Motors has implemented an expenditure strategy that ensures available funds for new equipment as and when required to meet these ever increasing technology demands.

Tuning, servicing and repairing vehicles, whether old or new, in an efficient manner requires that a workshop is managed to efficiently tackle these requirements in a timely manner; hence in many cases we offer a ‘sit and wait’ policy for those ‘on the run’. We know time can be challenging, so we do our best to help those keen to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Workshop design is another factor we at LK Motors take seriously and you can be assured that when it came to layout design we applied the polar opposite to a scattergun approach in designing the entire facility to ensure fluid vehicle movement (given the limitations of space). The more free flowing a facility, the less chance of accident or damage, and once again we pride ourselves on making sure the task is completed in the most efficient manner possible; meaning no risks, no chance of damage, and via the use of work floor mats, seat covers and panel covers, we guarantee a car leaves in as spotless a condition as it was when it arrived.

Our servicing arsenal is bolstered by our membership of The Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTAQ),
an association that offers assistance via a raft of training courses and the supply of pertinent industry information.

Fuelling the entire organisations automotive passion is an interest in high performance tuning and enhancements whereby as is the case with traditional servicing, we attack performance upgrades with unbridled enthusiasm irrespective of make or model. Our experience in the performance arena is unparalleled in FNQ; spend five minutes perusing our workshop and you are bound to see a wide array of wonderful performance cars undergoing all types of modification. We’ve achieved great results with numerous makes and models including Holden, Ford, VW, Porsche & Audi (to name but a few).