Harrop Supercharger for GT86 / BRZ


Harrop have been working hard on their new supercharger kit for the Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS. This is easily the best looking supercharger kit we have seen for this line of cars. Embodying a true “factory look”.

Features include:

  • Eaton/Harrop FDFI TVS1320
  • One piece manifold /supercharger housing design
  • Front drive/front inlet design for short less restrictive intake path
  • Inverted supercharger provides more plenum volume before and after intercoolers
  • Twin, dual pass high capacity water to air intercoolers
  • Dual pass low temperature intercooler radiator
  • High flow intercooler pump
  • Retains all factory accessories (A/C etc.)
  • OE quality fit and function
  • Will support standard to full engine builds

Register your interest & find out more at www.tvs86.com

ZF Transmission Tuning & Building

nizprozfWe recently travelled to Melbourne for an Advanced Tuning Seminar with Nizpro Turbocharging. The training seminar included advanced  (6HP26) ZF transmission tuning techniques alongside upgrading & strengthening the transmission.

Nizpro are the only company producing ZF transmissions handling over 1100hp@engine and many 9-second customer cars with bullet proof reliability.

If you have a Ford / FPV with a 6 Speed Automatic (6HP26) don’t hesitate to contact us for your tuning and upgrade needs.