LK Motors offer a custom dyno tuning solution for your diesel, our tunes are affordable and your vehicle will have performance increase and improved economy.

All vehicles go on our dyno for a custom tune done in-house. No chip, No wire in mess, just a quality custom dyno tune of your vehicle by an experienced tuner.

With an enhanced ECU map available for a huge range of petrol and diesel vehicles, LK has the key to unlocking your vehicles true potential.

Improved performance isn’t just about going faster. LK has well-rounded tunes that will allow you to maintain & even improve fuel economy. This will allow improved acceleration as well as a smoother power delivery whilst maintaining drivability at all times. This means safer overtaking on the streets, more efficient towing capabilities & comfortable low-end city drivability. An LK tune manages your fuel and ignition timings, rev and speed limits, boost settings and more to make the most out of in your pride and joy and making it more cost-effective at the same time & it can be reverted to standard form anytime you want.

We tailor your tune to your request. If you need more towing power or would prefer fuel economy be the focus, LK can cater to your requirements.

Packages are available for Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda, VW, Isuzu, Hyundai, Jeep & Much more. 

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