LK Motors has woven a web of involvement with the companies ‘that matter’ in Australia. For example, we have extremely strong alliances with companies the likes of Harrop Engineering, VCM Performance, Nizpro, APR, Autobarn, Aeroflow, Castrol Oils, Herrod Motor sport and many more. We have chosen these alliances with great care in an attempt to ensure that we are in a position of being able to offer our customers the highest quality performance upgrades available. Mind you there’s more to this than meets the eye in that supply is one thing, while backup, serviceability and longevity also play a huge role in ensuring LK Motors’ customers receive only the best money can buy.

Holden / HSV: We’ve tuned, enhanced and improved literally hundreds of VT, VX,VZ,  VE, and VF Commodores (both V8 and V6) models) using a raft of wonderful high performance products, with the icing on the cake the ability to tune everything from stock to radically modified with the amazing HP Tuners tuning platform. Modifications include everything from the most basic; from tuning to air intakes, camshafts, ‘forged’ and stroker engines, turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous oxide and more, all of which are ably catered for by our wonderful mechanics, and tuners.

Ford / FPV:  Trained and Accredited by Nizpro. We regularly attend training seminars covering everything from general engine tuning to torque management as well as Nizpro’s Advanced ZF Transmission seminar. Thanks to an extensive product range starting with the entry level “Stage 1″ package (for the budget conscious) to forged engines with massive turbos or Coyote engines with extra boost, modified cam profiles and more, LK Motors customers have the potential to own the fastest Ford in FNQ.

Diesel Performance: With an enhanced ECU map available for a huge range of petrol and diesel vehicles, NV Tuned has the key to unlocking your vehicles true potential. Improved performance isn’t just about going faster. NV Tuned have well-rounded tunes  that will allow you to maintain & even improve fuel economy. NV Tuned will allow improved acceleration as well as a smoother power delivery whilst maintaining drivability at all times. This means safer overtaking on the streets, more efficient towing capabilities & comfortable low end city drivability. NV Tuned manages your fuel and ignition timings, rev and speed limits, boost settings and more to make the most out of in your pride and joy and making it more cost effective at the same time & it can be reverted to standard form anytime you want. Packages are available for Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda, VW, Isuzu, Hyundai, Jeep & More.

European cars: The worldwide aftermarket sensation that is APR gifts LK Motors with the ability to work on almost the entire VAG range of vehicles, bestowing them with everything from a basic tune to veritable race engines developing ridiculous amounts of power. Volkswagen VW, Audi and Porsche, to name but a few are contained in the APR repertoire, so whether you are only after a minor performance tickle, or want a screamer capable of dictating the terms to even the most powerful of Commodores, then APR and LK Motors have everything you need.

Subaru/ Mitsubishi/ Mazda MPS: It’s a fact that ECUTEK software is the market leader for all types of Subaru WRX, STI, Liberty GT and Forester XT tuning. That’s a given. But hey, don’t just accept what we say, ask around! The fact is that anyone owning a Subaru, EVO or Mazda and who wants to go fast, understands that if they want the best then there is only one choice. And guess what? LK Motors is an FNQ ECUTEK distributor.

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