Dyno Tuning

Dynapack Dynamometer

Unlike conventional ‘Rolling Road’ Dyno’s where a vehicle is strapped to a chassis dyno bed and the car is driven on rollers, we chose to equip our facility with a more expensive and ultimately more accurate type of dynamometer – a Dynapack hub dyno. The Dynapack works very differently in that the driven wheels are removed from a vehicle and the hub dyno bolted directly to the wheel hub. Unlike a tyre that can spin, squirm and potentially overheat on a chassis dyno’s rollers, resulting in possible output variations, having a mechanical connection guarantees absolute accuracy and an innate ability to locate driveline irregularities.

When considering dyno capacity, L.K. Motors chose Dynapack’s most capable hub dynamometer (supporting over 1200hp) in appreciation of the enthusiasm of many FNQ performance enthusiasts and their desire to create some of the most powerful cars in the country. The analytical side of the equation is supported with the latest dyno software.